Race Info

Race Info

Entry Fee:
$50 entry fee up Aug 5.

All registered runners this year will receive a buff with the Hah Nic Na Aah logo printed on it! There are 50 women’s and 20 men’s name brand toques on order. After these are gone, the local silk screening company will provide the performance fabric toque.

Race Kit Pickup:
McBike and Sport on Main street the day before the event.

Events Start Time:
Sunday, August 12, 2018
9:00 am – Half Marathon


12 thoughts on “Race Info

  1. The accommodations are not yet ready for booking. I have called twice to try and book. Just a heads up ok. Thanks.

    1. Hi folks.. sorry but there is not a full marathon planned this year. The logistics of organizing a trail marathon with full safety/sweep crew available is a pretty daunting task. the previous two years the event has taken place, only about 10 % of the registered runners signed up for the full marathon. As a result, I have decided we will focus all our energy on the 1/2 marathon for this years event.


      I have talked to the manager of The Aspen Motel who advises registered runners this year will get a room for $90 ( two people per room max. occ. please).

      spread the word about the event.
      If you are able to pin up the poster in your community, please P.M. me with your address.
      cheers and happy trails!

    1. You are welcome to walk the circuit but we stress that you start well in advance.. first aid persons on course will be sweeping/ clearing the course and we would like to have them around for the BBQ. Last year some persons walking decided to start at the same time as the runners. This left volunteers out on course well after the BBQ and prizes etc.

  2. Richard: It appears the only water station will be about 15 km into the race so runners should be warned so they can carry an appropriate amount of water.

  3. Hi Bob

    There are two water stations at same points as last year.. They are basically at tree line both trails and are marked on google earth map on web site..
    Richard Joseph

  4. could be possible but can’t guarantee it as it involves more volunteers to coordinate and material for them to have on hand..

    1. You bet Krysten..
      When are you available?
      We have start and finish line spots as well as on course .. You would have to walk up the trail to a water station bright and early!
      Richard Joseph
      Richardjoseph1962@ gmail.com

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