Trail Info

Trail Info

Lyon Creek / McCabe Loop

BMR 2016 Route

Runners will begin at the Lyon Creek Trail head The trailhead is located 3.5km past Driftwood Canyon Park. A steady climb leads runners into the alpine (1450 m). The trail is well defined and boardwalk spans several swampy sections. Beyond tree line the grade eases, and runners can enjoy spectacular views of the Bulkley Valley and the Telkwa Range. At close to tree line runners will note a marked trail on the left that says “ Blix Route”.

Runners will note this side route will be flagged off and is NOT part of the course. The trail swings east as it descends to cross Lyon Creek before traversing Ramrock Pass (1450 m). From this point, runners descend into Ganokwa Basin. The trail then heads out of the basin, past two mountain lakes, and climbs northeastward onto a grassy slope. Orange trail markers lead runners to “The Summit”, the divide of the Ganokwa. In total, the Lyon route is close to 11 kilometers long.

At the summit, Runners will be directed to turn left and follow the Mccabe trail signage. ( if you incorrectly turn right you will be on Little Joe Lakes trail and this could make for a very long day and you won’t likely see anyone out that way ..!)

For approximately 1.5 kilometres runners will be descending on a well used trail in open alpine. A water station will be located at a creek before tree line. Chemically treated creek water will be provided to runners at this location. the following 8 kilometres of trail will be gradual and have straight stretches through big timber. Once back on the main road, runners will turn left and run close to a kilometre to the finish at the summer parking lot.

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